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Commission Info

Pony Commission Info
Starting1: $10 (800 points)
Clothes2: $1 per char (80 points)
Explicit Art3: $3 (240 points)
Additional pony4: $5 per char (400 points)
Additional OC pony1,6:
Earth Pony: $7 (560 points)
Unicorn: $7 (560 points)
Pegasus: $9 (720 points)
Alicorn: $11 (880 points)

Pony Comic Commission Info
Comic Page5,7,8: $25-40 (2000-3200 points)
Explicit Page3: $5 (400 points)

1Includes background and 1 OC, background, or Mane Six pony. If OC is an alicorn, the starting price of $10 will be used for 1 Alicorn.
2Does not include canon characters' original clothing.
3Explicit will be defined here as anything I cannot post to dA.
4Mane Six or Background Pony
5Ratio: 1741x2500. If you have a different ratio you want me to use, then let me know.
6OC ponies' cost will be based on what type of pony. Canon ponies use a flat rate regardless of type.
7Price can vary depending on complexity of the page.
8Max panels: 4. Max chars per panel: 3. Exceptions can be made. Extra characters in a single frame: $3 per character.

Commission Notes
1. I have no restrictions on what type of pony art I will draw (includes anti-pony art).
2. Prices can vary depending on commission.
3. I can provide the original .psd file, if requested by commissioner.
4. If you think that my commission prices are unfair or too high, then do not commission me. (Some people have a hard time grasping this.)
5. I accept points, but they are low-priority for a period of 2 weeks (that is, any money commissions I get within a 2-week period since you paid with points would have priority over yours).
6. I also will accept games from Steam (but ask me first so I can tell you what games/DLC I would want).

How commissioning me works:
1. If you are interested in a commission, send me a PM detailing what you want exactly (poses, facial expressions, background, title of commission if you have one, etc.). If you have OCs, include reference pictures in your PM.

2. I will calculate the price of what you ask and tell you. If the price is good, then you pay. I'll provide my PayPal e-mail (I do not provide this first because I don't want you sending your payment before we agree on it).

3. Before inking, I will send you a final sketch of the picture to see if it's what you wanted. If you say yes, then I will begin inking. If it is not what you want, say so with greater detail what it is that you want, and I will redo the sketch. I will redo the sketch until it's the pose that you want. I will not do any major pose changes after you confirm that the sketch is the pose you want and I have started to ink it, nor will I restart the commission. You will not be given a refund, and you must accept and continue with the sketch that you confirmed. Even if you can prove that what you wanted was not what I drew by listing our commission conversation, if you already confirmed the sketch and I have started inking, then I will not change it. I will still change facial expressions if you want.

4. I will send you a final picture before I post to my dA.
I've been with my biotech company for almost 10 years, but with all the programming skills I picked up recently, I decided to shoot out some resumes for software development just for kicks. Went to some interviews. Got accepted. They pay quite a bit more than my biotech company (which, as we all know, is meh pay and caps out even with many years experience), and they're closer than my current company (commute is about 20 minutes compared to 45 minutes).

So there you go. Do shit, get shit. Will try to get back to drawing after everything resettles.
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Yaaaco17 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
how can I know your tumblr?
Pyruvate Featured By Owner 1 day ago
note me
Yaaaco17 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
HisExplicitEditor Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Since no one hasn't don't it before because they don't give a crap about you. I'm going to interview you.

A year and a few mouths as past for my arrival in deviantart.  I really looked around your archive to fully understand some of your past mistakes, and problems you have deal with as an artist here. Compare them as of today, if you improve better then before.

Now that I "may" know everything about you, I'm going to be the first to give you some interesting questions for you to answers. I'm not going to hold back my hard criticism & opinion questions to you like before. So you may see some harsh questions that may be critical to you.

All my question will be send on a note and you can answer all these questions at whatever time you wanted, as lone as it is all reply. no pressure.

I hope you can handed it ;)

                             if you have any question as of now, feel free to reply
Pyruvate Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015
Reason why no one interviews or gives a crap about me is because I'm not that active in the pony scene, and I don't get involved in drama. Only thing I do is draw. I don't have journals or Tumblr posts detailing my life all that often, and I don't give any details about my real self.

Sure, go ahead.
HisExplicitEditor Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've got too much work to do. 
That way I said  "may" know everything about you, I don't no anything About your personal life. Just your drawings, comments, other things that happen here, and things you may had posted personal. All the thing i listed can being question to knowing/guessing someone life. Without the need of your journals or Tumblr posts detailing your life or knowing that you active/not in the pony scene, or yours drama involvements.

Most of my questions are going to be basic of how you take 
criticism, common sense & logic. But since you reply me saying "you never post any back story about you life and the one thing you do is draw." by that, I already know my Questions are going to be real doozy for you.(but the drama involvements, you got me there..)Argh! Stupid writer's block. 

Stay tune..Personal Computer 
Pyruvate Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015
Okie, but I will leave questions or whatever about my personal life ambiguous. I will not deny nor confirm ennethin.

Although I used to be an active member on the YoshiArt Forums back when, and I did give more info about my personal life. But that sites defunct so no way to know.
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Khai2000 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015  Student Writer
When you start new the usual ?!
Pyruvate Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
Dec18kevin Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015
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